First Quarter Travel Awards are Due THIS Friday!

It’s time to travel!


The Graduate Student Council (GSC) and the Graduate School want to remind you that first quarter travel awards are due THIS FRIDAY, September 6th at 5:00pm MST. Awards are open to all graduate students who will be presenting their work at a conference, and provide partial funding for conference travel related expenses. Recipients of each award will be determined by evaluating the type of presentation, the type of conference, and service the student provides to the University.


You will find the application on the GSC website along with a frequently asked questions:

Funds will be awarded based on three equally weighted metrics: 1) the reason for even attendance (podium presentations versus attending for professional development, for example), 2) conference location (international versus local, for example), and 3) the student’s service to the community (committee member, volunteer, etc.). Note that paid positions such as Teaching Assistantships cannot be considered service.