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June 1, 2020

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) and the Graduate School are announcing the application opening for summer awards. Due to the shutdown, much has changed for us and all students. Though travel to conferences is generally on hold for the foreseeable future, we still want to support graduate students in any way we can. Instead of travel awards, we want to expand the awards to professional development. Broadly, the money from these awards can be applied to registration fees for a virtual conference, covering the licensing fee for software for your home computer, textbooks, a hard drive for backing up your work, gas for approved field work trips, generally any supplies (technology or art) that support your working at home, etc. If you can justify how this money will support your graduate work (and is in compliance with the university) we want to fund it. Please work with your department staff to facilitate purchases (and find out what your department can purchase), as all purchases must go through the university system and approved suppliers. The award is open to all graduate students attending CSU.

For this pilot award period, we are offering $2,500 in awards split into six awards of $250 each and ten awards of $100 each. As this is an unprecedented circumstance, if we receive more money later in the summer we will open the form back up to give more awards.

The application for these awards is similar to the previous travel award, but streamlined. We would like to know about your graduate research or program in general terms, what you would spend the award on, and how that will help support your graduate career.

Applications are due by Friday, June 12th at 5:00 PM MST. Students receiving the award will be notified within 7-10 days and funds will be transferred as quickly as possible to the home department or college of the student.

All students who receive an award must provide an account number so we can transfer funds to their home departments. If the award is applied towards off-campus travel, proof of University approval may need to be submitted. Students must save receipts and provide necessary documentation to their home department for the funds to be provided. It is up to each student to work with their home department to receive the funds once they have been transferred.

Recipients of GSC awards may be contacted by a representative from the Office of University Advancement to gather information on the impact of this pilot award on the recipient’s professional development. This information may be shared with donors for the purpose of donor stewardship.

How to apply:

You can fill out an application here, or at


Please direct any questions to and good luck!