Award Winners Fall 2020


Hello Graduate Students,

The Graduate Student Council is happy to announce the Professional Development and Supply Award recipients for Fall 2020! We received over 70 qualified and excellent applications this quarter. Due to the clear and continued need for this award in the current climate, we plan to offer the Award again in Spring 2021.

Please join us in congratulating those who were selected for this award. Due to the competition for the $250 award, those who did not win their desired tier and still had very competitive applications were considered for the lower tier awards. For those who did not receive an award this time, we encourage you to apply again. Please visit theĀ Award PageĀ  for upcoming details.

Tier 1 ($250) – six awardees

  • Edlin Cornejo
  • Emily Glick
  • Natasha Lloyd
  • Elizabeth Plombon
  • Katie Rocci
  • Shealyn Schmidt

Tier 2 ($100) – ten awardees

  • Shailesh Raj Acharya
  • Benjamin Choat
  • Jan Lee Cordova
  • Christine Folks
  • Forest Hayes
  • Kyungsoon Jung
  • Brittany Lynner
  • Alexandra Mazurek
  • Reagan Miller
  • Natasha Seiter

Thank you again to all those who submitted applications. Please reach out to with further questions.

Stay safe and healthy,
GSC Officer Team