GSC Officers


2020-2021 Officers


Co-President: Matt Saxton

Officer Job Description: GSC-President

About: Matt is a 5th year PhD Candidate from the Stasevich Laboratory within the department of Biochemistry. His research focuses on the organization of DNA within the center of a cell. He uses a combination of single-molecule tracking and fluorescence microscopy to watch individual pieces of DNA move inside of living cells. This will help us understand how certain pieces of DNA are turned on and off, and how that helps cells control their genetic material. In his free time, Matt can be found backpacking, camping, skiing, and riding his motorcycle through the canyons.


Co-President: Lindsay Winkenbach

Officer Job Description: GSC-President

About: I am a 4th year PhD candidate in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program at Colorado State University. The focus of my research, and a long-term fascination of mine, is how a single, fertilized egg can develop into complex, multi-cellular organism such as ourselves. In addition to serving as Co-President for the Graduate Student Council as CSU, I am the Engagement Officer for the science policy and advocacy group Science in Action. In my free time you’ll likely find me in the mountains skiing, camping, or hiking


VP for Graduate AdvocacyVice President of Advocacy: Zaria Vick

Officer Job Description: GSC VP Advocacy

About: I am a third year Master’s student in the Toxicology program. I am currently doing a thesis project on a drug that is known to cause neurotoxicity in humans and animals and my goal is to be able to describe the molecular mechanisms that facilitate this neurotoxic outcome. In my downtime I enjoy watching anime and re-runs of The Office and I am also involved in a lot of organizations dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion.


VP of FinanceVice President of Finance: Kaylee Clark

Officer Job Description: GSC-VP-Finance

About: Kaylee Clark is a 4th year PhD candidate from the Henry Group in the Chemistry department. Her research is focused on fabricating simple, inexpensive electrochemical sensors from affordable materials like plastic and graphite. She modifies and applies her sensors toward real-time detection of biologically relevant molecules such as glucose, lactate, and glutamate. When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys hiking, camping, catching a concert, playing rugby, and most importantly spoiling her perfect cat, Kirby.


VP of Information

Vice President of Information: Theresa Berger

Officer Job Description: GSC-VP-Information

About: Theresa is a second year Masters candidate in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Colorado State University. Her research focuses on Community Nutrition and Nutrition Education. Theresa has a love for cooking and science. She wants to become a Registered Dietitian, developing nutrition education programs that help new mothers and families overcome modern day nutrition challenges. Theresa also has a love for music including piano, flute, and voice.  In her years at CSU, she has worked with the University Chorus and currently plays with the CSU Flute Choir.


VP of Engagement Juli ScamardoVice President of Engagement: Juli Scamardo

Officer Job Description: GSC-VP-Engagement

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Geosciences department studying fluvial geomorphology. My current research focuses on understanding sediment storage and floodplain function along arid and semi-arid ephemeral streams in the southwest United States in order to better inform dryland watershed management. When I am not in the office or studying sands of Utah, Arizona, and west Texas, I enjoy whitewater canoeing, backpacking, cooking, and playing with my two cats, Emma and Zia.



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