Travel Award



Graduate Student Council and the Graduate School are now offering Travel Awards at four different tiers:

Tier 1: 10 awards of $250 each (per quarter)

Tier 2: 3 awards of $500 each (per quarter)

Tier 3: 1 award of $1000 (per quarter)

Tier 4: 2 awards of $2000 each (1 per semester)

These awards provide partial funding for conference travel-related expenses. Recipients of each award will be determined by evaluating the type of presentation, the type of conference, service the student provides to the university and community, and what the recipient hopes to gain from the attending the conference.

All students who accept the award must provide an account number within one week of their acceptance notification or the award will be forfeited allotted to another recipient. Students must save receipts and provide necessary documentation to their home department after travel has completed for the funds to be provided. Please note that no alcohol expenses will be reimbursed. It is up to each student to work with their home department to receive the funds once they have been transferred.

Recipients of travel grant awards may be contacted by a representative from the Office of University Advancement, to gather information on the impact of the travel grant on the recipient’s professional development. This information may be shared with donors for the purpose of donor stewardship.

Applications must be submitted electronically through the following page:


 Any graduate student enrolled in a Master’s or PhD granting program is eligible. There is no preference given for type of degree or program of the applicant. These factors are not considered in the scoring process.

  • Applicants who have earned an award from Tiers 3 and 4 will not be eligible to apply for a Travel Award OF ANY TIER for 2 semesters (4 quarters from receipt of award).
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply for the highest Tier for which they would like to be considered. Applicants will be considered for their selected Tier and all lower tiers.
  • Applicants applying for regional conferences are ineligible to apply for Tiers 3 and 4. If the applicant applies for these awards, they will be automatically removed and place in Tier 2.
  • Applicants must apply for the Travel Award based on the conference date. No exceptions will be made. Applications that are submitted during the incorrect quarter will not be considered. See below for award cycle.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.


Semester 1
Quarter Conference Date Application due by 5pm MST on: Funds transferred to department by:
1 Sept-Nov Sept 6, 2019 September 20 , 2019
2 Dec-Feb Dec 13, 2019 January 2020
Semester 2
3 March-May March 6, 2020 March 31, 2020
4 June-Aug June 5, 2020 June 30, 2020



Tiers 2, 3 and 4

All applications for awards above Tier 1 will be required to complete an additional section expressing:

  • How the award money will be used
  • Where the remainder of the funding will come from
  • Why the applicant specifically wants to attend the conference

In reviewing these awards, an additional grader will be provided to maintain a non-partisan representation.

Tier 4 Award

As the $2000 Tier Award will not be distributed every quarter (once per semester), the grading committee maintains the right to determine that no applicant meets the needs for the award. Only those applicants expressing need and merit will be provided this award.


The award can be used towards registration fees, airfare, lodging, food, ground transportation, or other necessities for conference attendance. You must show receipts for all reimbursement purchases. Please check on your specific department/college policies and procedures for using money from a department account for academic travel.

The award may not be used for alcohol or anything not strictly related to academic/research-related travel. Students must check on specific rules and restrictions related to reimbursement and fund use from their home department/college. All unused funds will be returned to Graduate Student Council.

Department & College Distribution

GSC is a non-partisan organization that provides equal opportunities for awards to all Departments and Colleges across Colorado State University. GSC does not discriminate by race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or academic interest. Statistics on applicant’s and recipient’s departments, colleges, and conference type are available upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact Good luck!