Becoming a department representative is a simple and effective way to serve and advocate for your fellow graduate students. In this position, you serve as the conduit between graduate students in your department and the GSC. We then take the questions/comments/concerns raised by the students in your department and bring them to the attention of the Graduate School. In return, you share important information, updates, opportunities, and social events back to the students of your department.

The responsibilities of the GSC department representatives include:

  • Attend monthly meetings (first Tuesdays at 6 p.m., online this semester)
  • Voice concerns or issues faced by graduate students in their department or the University at large
  • Vote on spending and which initiatives to support within the GSC at meetings
  • Forward an e-mail compiled by GSC including resources and information on initiatives to graduate students in your program/department after each monthly meeting.
  • Volunteer once a semester to help the GSC with any of its initiatives or activities, including helping grade travel and professional development award applications, serving as a judge for the Graduate Showcase, etc.

The expected time commitment for representatives is approximately 1.5 hours each month.

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