Professional Development Road Map

Competencies Road Map

Enhance your career preparedness with the Competencies Road Map Use this Road Map as a framework to develop your six core competencies in three areas identified to enhance personal and professional success.

Graduate Student Finances & Graduate Assistant Benefits:

Graduate Assistant Finances 101

Information on managing finances as a graduate assistant (GA) at Colorado State University. GAs include Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs), Graduate Support Assistantships (GSAs), or Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs). For students on fellowships, self-pay, or on other types of financial assistance, resources are available.

Assistantship Benefits, Resources, and Policies

Your department is responsible for determining whether you qualify for any graduate assistantships. All Graduate Assistants must meet the Graduate Assistantship – Terms and Conditions of Appointment as detailed in the Graduate and Professional Bulletin.

Visit the Graduate School website for more information.